My work,  rooted in the media of video, photography and installation art, focus on feminism through the lenses of a girl who grew up from a country that has a huge problem about gender inequality.


My love and hate of social network have a strong influence on my practice. And there are many works I made starting from social media, basically is when I browsing on social media I am not just killing time, I will think about how it effects on my life, why I can not leave it when I hate it so much. The social network is like a magnifying glass for me, which magnifies all the good things and bad things, makes me see the problems brought by this patriarchal society. But there is a lot of people can't see the problem or just don't think that is something bad, just like the frog in warm water.

My research, in keeping with my influences, is based on the relationship of feminism to society, and to share my idea of what feminism really is. So I really want to share my idea to the audience no matter they agree or not, as long as I know they receive the message. For me, to interact with the audience is a very important part of my work.

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